Careers at PBE

We love our mission and enjoy our work.

We are always seeking talented candidates for a wide range of roles, from the manufacturing floor to front office. PBE associates are committed to making a difference in the lives of the people we serve. PBE is dedicated to providing a safe and enriching work environment, along with a fulfilling work-life balance.

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Meet some of our talented PBE associates and learn their story

Ann Hertzfeld

Director of Marketing

• Third year at PBE

• From HR to Customer Service to Marketing, Ann's consumer focus is a perfect fit

• A mother of five and founder of the PBE Running Group

"Coming from a large publicly held company, it's been refreshing to work at PBE. I've had the opportunity to get involved in cross-functional projects, build new skills, and grow my career in new directions!"
"Management really cares and will listen to my concerns and accommodate when necessary. I've finally found work-life balance in my career."

Tony Zheng

Research and Development Specialist

• Dr. Zheng is a chemical engineer by training with a PhD from Tulane University

• Also holds an MBA in Finance and is an adjunct faculty at Tiffin University

Linda Mac

Line 1 Crew, First Shift

• Came to PBE in search of job stability after a layoff.

• Has observed first-hand the benefits of the products she makes.

"I shared some of our products with a family member and she loved them. That's when I realized I was with a great company with great potential. This is definitely where I will end my working career."
"PBE has been a part of my life and my family’s life for 30 years. They value uplifting the lives of their associates and customers – and I’m a direct recipient of that mission."

Tim Brand

Sr. Manager, Information Technology

• Started at PBE at age 19, working on the factory floor.

• With the help of PBE's tuition contribution plan, Tim earned a degree in Electronics and moved into the IT department.

We're committed to a better quality of life for our customers, our community, and our associates.
We offer true attention to work-life balance, personal development, and benefits like world class innovative healthcare.

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