Our Brands

Fulfilling our mission to improve people’s lives through the innovation of high-performance absorbent products and footwear safety solutions.

Tranquility® offers superior absorbent products in a variety of styles and sizes for individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, Veterans’ facilities and in their home. They are designed with innovative technology and features to provide leakage control, odor reduction and skin health protection, delivering Real Life Protection for real, everyday demands. Click on the logos below to learn more about our three distinct sub-brands.

Our highest-performing range of incontinence products. Provide the ideal balance of protection, comfort and design to fit your unique needs, with a diverse selection of sizes, types and absorbency levels.

High-quality products with reliable performance to support comfort and confidence for those with moderate to heavy incontinence.

Products specifically innovated for unique use cases and specialized needs, empowering wearers and caregivers to achieve a new level of freedom.

Beginning with our flagship product, Pillow Paws fall-prevention footwear, PBE has been dedicated to providing safety and comfort to people in healthcare settings and beyond.

Gelok International manufactures low-profile, superabsorbent laminates and airlaid composites for a variety of uses including: food tray pads, feminine hygiene, incontinence, medical packaging, medical cleanup, wound care, urinal pads, filtration and other applications where absorption of water-based fluids is needed.