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PBE, Tranquility spotlighted in Nonwoven Industry Magazine

Principle Business Enterprises, Inc. was recently featured in the March 2024 issue of Nonwovens Industry, a leading publication in the global engineered fabrics trade. In the article, titled “Opportunities Abound for Adult Incontinence Products Market,” PBE and its flagship Tranquility® brand of superabsorbent products are among a handful of incontinence care manufacturers sharing insights on trends in the adult hygienic products market.  

Regarding Tranquility’s latest product innovations, Angie Williams, PBE VP of Sales and Marketing, highlighted new Air-Plus™ technology in Tranquility OverNight™ and DayTime™ Underwear products, combining new 100% breathable materials with its premium superabsorbent core to support an ideal microclimate that neutralizes pH, keeps skin dry and traps odor.

“Consumers are seeking absorbent protection that delivers confidence without compromising comfort, discretion and freedom – across all size ranges,” says Williams. “Our flagship products are now made with 100% breathable materials, allowing damaging moisture vapor and heat to escape while retaining fluid.”

Additional consumer benefits of the new technology include better airflow throughout for cooler comfort and an improved environment for healthy skin, which allows for uninterrupted sleep and daytime activities.

When asked about the growth of e-commerce in the incontinence category, which intensified during Covid-19 restrictions and has created new opportunities for consumers to enter and grow within the category, Williams stated, “in many cases, e-commerce vendors provide unique experiences tailored to their audience.”

For example, she added, eCommerce outlets may offer extensive guidance for those who care for a loved one with incontinence, foster community discussions through social media or offer tools that match someone with the best product for their specific needs.

“It has grown beyond just a shopping experience. Today, e-commerce is about providing a full network of resources and products to support a person throughout their entire incontinence journey,” Williams said.

Williams concluded by pointing out how online sales are leading growth due to ease of ordering and wider product selection compared to traditional sales channels. “Wearers and caregivers can discreetly order products from the comfort of their home, receive them in a timely fashion, and even enroll into auto-ship programs so they will not run low on supplies. This is especially beneficial for customers with limited mobility or to support the demanding schedules of the ‘sandwich generation’ providing care for both parents and children.”

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About Tranquility 
Tranquility, the flagship brand of Principle Business Enterprises, Inc., is a leader in high-performance incontinence care products. Inspired by personal experiences with loved ones who deserved better incontinence solutions, we relentlessly perfect the most absorbent products to deliver Real Life Protection for real, everyday demands. For more information about Tranquility, call 1-866-865-6101, visit or follow us on Facebook @TranquilityProducts.

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