Principle Business Enterprises Makes Significant Investment in Plus-Size Adult Incontinence Products

New manufacturing line highlights 20th anniversary of introducing bariatric products to market

Dunbridge, OH – May 14, 2024 – Principle Business Enterprises, Inc. (PBE), a leader in personal care and innovative incontinence products, announces a strategic investment to double its production capacity of absorbent products specifically engineered for the plus-size community. This initiative marks the 20th anniversary of PBE’s introduction of Tranquility® 3XL to 5XL disposable briefs, which were the first incontinence products in the market designed to meet the needs of plus-size individuals. 

Understanding the unique challenges faced by the plus-size community, PBE has dedicated extensive research and development resources to better serve this audience as part of its mission to “uplift, enlighten and enrich” consumers’ lives.  

“Our consumers are the key to our success at PBE. As we thought about this new manufacturing line, it was important to capture what consumers need today, while allowing for future flexibility,” said PBE VP of R&D and Customer Experience, Ann Hertzfeld. “Our innovation efforts will bring new designs that offer unparalleled comfort, absorbency and fit for plus-sized consumers with heavy to severe incontinence.” 

Committed to fostering exceptional manufacturing jobs in Ohio, PBE will complete this expansion in 2025 at its facility in Dunbridge, Ohio.  

“Maintaining our local production ensures the highest standards of quality and renews our investment in this community, local universities and the broader economy,” said PBE CEO and President, Andy Stocking.  

“This new capacity also renews our investment in attending to the needs of consumers who might feel overlooked by the market. We believe that heavy or severe incontinence should not hinder anyone’s lifestyle and we have created Tranquility Incontinence Products to allow even those with the most severe incontinence to go about their daily activities with confidence and dignity,” Stocking added. 

In addition to this new capacity, PBE launched its first 3XL disposable pull-on underwear this week in two protection levels – Tranquility Premium OverNight™ Underwear and Tranquility Essential® Underwear – Heavy. Both products will fit waistlines up to 95 inches, with the OverNight version being the first 3XL underwear in the market to feature 100% breathable materials, providing added skin health benefits. 

These investments are part of PBE’s broader multi-year strategy to enhance manufacturing capabilities, accompanied by substantial advancements in R&D, product management and operations in recent years. With future plans to expand distribution within the U.S. and advance manufacturing efforts, PBE remains poised for continued growth.  

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Principle Business Enterprises, Inc. (PBE), manufactures high-performance absorbent products and footwear safety solutions with applications in healthcare, industrial processing and at-home use. PBE is a family-owned business with two locations in northwest Ohio. Founded in 1961, PBE has maintained a mission to be a principle-centered business that uplifts, enlightens and enriches the lives of those it serves through developing an exceptional workplace environment for its Associates and innovating products that dramatically improve the quality of life for its customers. For more information, visit

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