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Tranquility® Introduces New 3XL Size, Brings Air-Plus™ Technology to Protective Underwear Products

Tranquility® Premium OverNight™ Underwear and Tranquility Essential® Underwear – Heavy now both have 3XL versions fitting waistlines up to 95 inches and body weights of 250+ lbs.

Dunbridge, Ohio – June 3, 2024 – PBE announces a new 3XL size to its Tranquility® brand of disposable underwear and a 100% breathable materials upgrade to its best-selling line of Premium pull-on products. 

Tranquility has launched 3XL diapers in two protection levels for wearers in need of plus-sized, superabsorbent underwear. Tranquility Premium OverNight™ Underwear and Tranquility Essential® Underwear – Heavy now both have 3XL versions fitting waistlines up to 95 inches and body weights of 250+ lbs. 

The first cases of 3XL underwear have been delivered to all major Tranquility distributors.  

“Tranquility is the pioneer of bariatric, heavy-to-severe incontinence products, and we are celebrating our 20th anniversary of being the first manufacturer to offer plus-sized disposable briefs,” said Angie Williams, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tranquility. “We are thrilled that two of our best adult diaper products will have new sizes to help more individuals find a comfortable fit for their needs.” 

New features of the 3XL products will include: 

The Tranquility bariatric product lineup now includes pull-on diapers and tape-tab briefs ranging from 2XL to 5XL sizes, providing a comfortable fit for a maximum waist size of 108 inches and body weights of 250 lbs or more. 

100% Breathable Material Upgrades 

In addition to its new 3XL size, Tranquility OverNight Underwear, as well as its DayTime™ Underwear sister product, will now be engineered with Air-Plus Technology: 100% breathable materials working in combination with a superabsorbent core to neutralize urine pH, keep skin dry and trap odor. Both products previously featured breathable materials on the sides only. 
“We constantly hear from customers and caregivers looking for a more effective skin-health solution in response to moisture-related sores and skin breakdown,” Williams said. “Our latest technology supports a healthy environment for skin by allowing damaging moisture vapor and heat to escape while allowing fresh air to flow throughout.  

“This makes our products cooler and more comfortable to wear, helping wearers to enjoy their regular activities and uninterrupted sleep.”  

The OverNight product will be the first 3XL 100% breathable underwear product in the market, Williams added. The OverNight and DayTime products were bestowed the New Product Providers Choice Bronze Award at this year’s Medtrade National Conference in Dallas, Texas on March 28. 

Customers will also notice all-new packaging for OverNight and DayTime Underwear, with a clean, refreshed design intended to make it easier for consumers to understand product features. Tranquility will continue to update packaging for its remaining Premium line of superabsorbent briefs, pads, underpads and extra care items on a rolling basis throughout 2024-2025.  

Tranquility is offering its supplier and caregiving professional partners free samples of both 3XL and 100% breathable underwear here, while consumers can request free samples of 3XL underwear here

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